Music Review:Dil Bole Hadippa(Pritam,Joshilay)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Singh Is King Redux…..

2008 was one of Pritam’s most successful years at music composing and featuring primely and primly in it would be the annoyingly infectious Singh Is King.Dil Bole Hadippa is no different:It is an out and out Punjabi soundtrack that goes all out to pander to the foot tappers in us.

Pritam marshalls all the appropriate ingredients to conjure the wildly boisterous title track that plays out with such energy and verve it’s hard not to take notice,although it works within the confines of preset conventions.Delightfully,what is uniform throughout the soundtrack are the riotously funny lyrics(Jaideep Sahni dishing out some colloquial goofball lyrics).And even in that Discowale Khisko,Gym Shim and Bhangra Bistar take the cake.While Gym Shim by Joshilay is complete LOL material somewhat reminiscent of the foolish absurdity of Emosanal Attyachaar,it is Bhangra Bistar,with it’s rip roaring and farcical take on everything Punjabi,that stands out.Sample this..

Inke Uche Uche dream,Cooker maare jaise steam

Also,the choice of singers is what makes it work.Alisha Chinoy,singing for Pritam after a long hiatus,drolls hilariously while Sunidhi provides the masculine tinge with felicity.Hard Kaur does an efficient cameo.KK and Sunidhi light up Discowale Khisko,a song with shades of Dance Pe Chance, with their spunky singing.Even amidst all this mirth,the soulful ditty Ishq Hi Rab Hai manages to create a niche for itself with Shreya and Sonu holding their own,aided by the lilting tune.

Dil Bole Hadippa is an appeasement for the hoi polloi.So even while reviewing,I didn’t look for much sense in it.Yes it gets tedious after a point of time but enjoy the fun as long as it lasts.

My Picks-Bhangra Bistar,Ishq Hi Hai Rab

My Rating-Two Cheers!!!

PS:Loved the opening interlude of Ishq Hi Hai Rab,especially from the 14 sec mark to the 29 sec mark.Excellent use of guitar and backup vocals.Also Discowale Khisko’s remix sung by Master Saleem is worth a listen.

PPS: Here’s a link for the audio listing.