Music Review:Daddy Cool(Raghav Sachar)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Looks like Raghav Sachar has already run out of ideas.For only that would explain the inexplicable insipidness of this entire soundtrack,barring probably the title song.And even that is no great shakes either;It merely has an addictive lilt that Sachar models to frenzied infectiousness.Nasha Nasha cloaked in a faux seductiveness sacrifices coherence at the altar of catchiness and falls flat.But wait,Life Life another asinine track will even make the previous one sound good.This one’s a truly exasperating song with bakwass lyrics.Shaan and Adnan are listless in the disharmonious,Dekho Dekho Dil Ye Bole.The lyrics suggest that probably Indra Kumar is still stuck within the confines of Dhamaal.Sami returns to helm Miss India Marti Mujhpe-a line that so very well explains how the song is i.e. cringe worthy.
Daddy Cool has a vapid soundtrack;totally devoid of inspiration and imagination,it is hackneyed to the core.And no,even the mediocre title track is no redemption.

My Picks-None
My Rating-Three Tears!!!