Music Review:Quick Gun Murugan(Sagar Desai & Raghu Dixit)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

With a title like that,you expect either of the two outcomes from this soundtrack-A drudge or A delight.Thankfully,the experience is a rather enjoyable one.And this isn’t a mean achievement for this is no two song wonder(it is an 8 track album,excluding the remixes) that fleetingly excites and tapers off even before one can settle down to appraise and appreciate it.
First and foremost,Sagar Desai and Raghu Dixit(guest composer for the title song,Murugan Superstar) surmount the undeniable challenge of imbibing and perfecting the retro sound(something V-S did admirably for Om Shanti Om).This evocative sound,particularly,shows up in three songs-Chat Mangni Lover,Kuchi Kuchi Twist and Naam Mera Mango Dolly.Chat Mangni Lover is,peculiarly,amusing with it’s cheesy lyrics that euphemistically liken the heroine to a flower.In a way it is also a trip down memory lane;the mukhda is predictably long and protracted as if to fit in a dozen synonyms to overwhelm the lover,the heroine here, into submission.Kuchi Kuchi Twist is the other song that imaginatively retains the crux of retro.In fact it is so flush with the soul of Eastman colour romance,that it is hard not to suppress that silly chuckle that blurts out spontaneously while istening to it.The singular para para para chorus aids the feeling of nostalgia;if only things were as simple and innocent in today’s world.Naam Mera Mango Dolly starts promisingly what with that chintzy popping sound effect and the sultry cabaret singing(Geeta John).But later on,indescribably,it begins to feel too predictable and simplistic to engross.Paying an unabashedly burlesque tribute to the Madrasi hero of the 60s,who descended onto the screen bashing up a thousand thugs and goons,the Dialogue Mix is a riot.The pace is frenetic and the massy music almost trancelike in appeal and add to it the funny exchanges between Quick Gun Murugan(QGM) and some thugs.Here’s one dialogue,which I found to be specifically rib tickling-
QGM:”Rascal,main sikhayega how to behave”.
Some thug (with a menacing laugh):”Need not to worry abe gadhe,main correspondence se seekh loonga”.

Murugan Superstar is the other song in a similar mould,though it is not so over the top and loud.Raghu Dixit succeeds in amalgamating the passe and the new.Interesting it is,but is largely an unabsorbing pastiche.Meanwhile,Sagar Desai recreates the cowboy song(Ek Tha Murugan)while keeping all it’s vital elements of the genre intact,except that the lyrics here poke fun at the hero himself.For one,the sinuous guitaring is still there as also is the drawl self-narrating vocals that tell a story within a story.Kyoon Keeda Hai Aapko is undoubtedly the crème de la crème of the album for the side-splitting employment of classical singing to utter some,well,really side splitting lyrics.Vijay Praksh truly excels in this one transcending the octaves with felicity even while emphasizing the pun words to good effect.Mika rounds off Mind It(Tamil Bhangra) with his characteristic hyper-pompous rendition.The song itself is bogglingly addictive(the hook,especially) for one with mindless lyrics.

Quick Gun Murugan is a notable addition to the category of good mock-parody soundtracks.

My Picks-Dialogue Mix,Kyoon Keeda Hai Aapko
My Rating-Three Cheers!!!