Music Review:What’s Your Rashee(Sohail Sen)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

For once,Gowariker without his ablest concomitant at hand,AR Rahman,fails to muster the haunting,soulful melodies that have been a hallmark of all his previous enterprises.It is not that Sohail Sen has done a bad job,it is just that the bar has been set high,way too high by Rahman.But where Sen falters is in not aggregating a wholesome album.Here,the sprawling soundtrack(it has 13 original tracks) comes across more as a ramshackled assemblage of lilting as well as annoying sounds which for most part do not amalgamate together.That Sen is obviously impressed by Rahman and Ismail Darbar is more than evident for it is from these names he draws his influences.The title track with it’s Sax and Piano interludes passes off well.The jazz template,rarely used in Bolly songs,brings in a waft of freshness as does Sen’s languorous and protracted singing.Jao Na is undoubtedly the best of the OST,though the refrain still remains a mystery for me.Sohail’s fledgling vocals are apt for the song with the furious guitaring being the defining feature of the track.Aaja Lehraate is painful with it’s exasperatingly raucous backgrounds and the liberal sprinkling of inane hummings.The baroque melody,Bikhri Bikhri,puts the OST back on track even as a facetious Maanunga Maanunga set to a rasping tune and sung by You Know Who?(Ashutosh) pummels it down.Apparently Madhushree is a bad choice for Sau Janam.Nothing wrong with the song,it even has a lilting melody to it,it’s just that her saccharine sweet vocals sound shrill and screechy here.Aa Le Chal worsens the situation with it’s staccato pacing that doesn’t go down well.The tuneful Pyaari Pyaari,again,has confounding lyrics.After the entire mukhda is sung the tune simply reverts back to the beginning and goes through with the drill again.Su Che has irritating Gujju lyrics that often make untimely and unwise appearances.Salone Kya with a rhythm pattern akin to Kala Bandar(Delhi 6) doesn’t wash for it’s mediocre lyrics.The dated sound of Dhadkan Dhadkan accentuates the misery.Passe and jaded.Rajab Ali Bhartia shines through in the melancholic yet dulcet Koi Jaane Na.The pungent jazz of the title track is rehashed into a different techno tune for the closing title track.The interludes are drawn from the various tracks from this OST.

After going through the tedium of wading through the entire OST more than twice,I can only pronounce it as mediocre fare.The other failing of this erratic score is that when it falters,it falters badly.The bad numbers are downright chafing.For all the promise of a Gowariker film,this one’s a falsetto.Sen takes us on a tour of some beautiful ruins just when we were expecting a tour of something grand and monumental.

My Picks-What’s Your Rashee,Jao Na,Bikhri Bikhri,Koi Jaane Na

My Rating-Two Cheers!!