Music Review:Tum Mile(Pritam)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Life in a Metro:Act III…

For those of you wondering what Act II was,isn’t it obvious?,here goes..It is indeed Jannat.For years now the Emraan-Pritam-Bhatt triumvirate have been delivering that one defining OST(s) of the year,albums that invariably whet the appetite of almost every music lover.This,considering the mounting expectations with each passing year in itself is an achievement par excellence.Also,for those who fail to comprehend the ostentatiously layered nuances of Rahman’s,increasingly,self actualised music,Pritam has offered a pop refuge of sorts,blending technical finesse with gorgeous melody.

Pritam also deserves praise for etching out an indelible and soulful variant of soft rock,something people were averse to,and making it a resounding success and garnering unanimous appreciation.Life in a Metro,Jannat and now Tum Mile..I hope you get the drift…

Undoubtedly the piece de resistance of the entire OST the title track,Tum Mile,is eminently listenable even with a mundane Neeraj Sridhar helming it.While synth-pop dominates in the standard offering,it is the minimally orchestrated Love Reprise Version and the anguish-angst ridden Rock Version that stand out.I particularly like Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan’s Rock version;the orchestration is poignantly done what with Pritam’s trademark wailing electric-guitar in the background as also the singer’s powerhouse vocals that bring out the desperation compellingly well.

As in most Pritam albums,KK gets the cream in this one too.The heartfelt lament of Dil Ibaadat,oozing with the composer’s familiar wistful cadence,is genuinely moving even as KK casts a spell with his captivating vocals.The desolation is complete with the dirge like O Meri Jaan.Interestingly,Pritam had earlier composed a similarly titled track for Life in a Metro,sung by KK again,though that was an out and out cheerful number.Here too,the sinuous tune is a cinch.

Tu Hi Haqeeqat begins with a splendidly imagined piece of music,with the efficacious electric guitar(?) riffs,let out like sparks from an acetylene torch,mingling with the delectable flute notes after which Javed Ali manages to whip up a fervour of emotions with his requiem rendition.

Is Jahan Mein is the only weak link of the OST if you would like to call it that.The song is mighty awkward to begin with;the backgrounds and Mohit Chauhan’s rendition just don’t gel even as you feel an icky sensation at the urgency and haste in the vocals.

The sole instrumental piece,Soul Of Tum Mile,is again piquant and manages to conjure vivid images of pervading gloom.

Pritam invokes a striking score;One that is immediately arresting in quality,profound and highly affecting.And there is a common thread that runs through the Bhatt’s soundtracks,one of depression,palpable misery and it is at play here too.When it comes to brewing tragedy,the Bhatt’s are unsurpassable.

My Picks-Tum Mile(Rock),O Meri Jaan

My Rating-Four Cheers!!!!