Music Review:London Dreams(Shankar,Ehsaan,Loy)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

When Hanuman Chalisa stole the show…

With an excellent addictive hook and a high octane pacing,Barson Yaaron is a veritable delight.It combines the bouncy rock sound,something the trio have by now perfected,with their own JBJ sound.In fact the song itself is a portmanteau piece with Vishal Dadlani crooning half the song while Roop Kumar Rathod takes over in the latter half adding a more sober,soulful touch to the song(His rendition of the chalisa set to a trance like rhythm is bizarre joy).

Man Ko Ati Bhavey is admirable for it’s attempt to try something different:Those *pure* hindi lyrics along with Shankar’s trifling singing is an unabashed tribute to that rip roaring song from Padosan:Ek Chatur Naar.Not by any means extraordinary,it passes off well for it’s frivolity.

Tapkey Masti is rather staid and predictable with all those familiar techno dhol beats,although Feroz Khan’s rendition is expressive.And SEL better re-invent their choruses:the one here is done to death and comes across as juvenile in the midst of such a fervid song.Another such song that makes it presence later on is the Abhijit Ghoshal sung,Jashn Hai Jeet Ka though this is marginally better and engaging.

The opening interlude of Khanabadosh just goes to show how ingrained in our minds is Rahman’s music.Just three beats;Your heart looses control and your mind blurts Masti Ki Paathshaala.Even those three thumps point to nothing more than a subliminal moment of reminisce with realisation.And from thereon it is SEL’s effort all the way.Ostensibly the title song,it manages to strike an impressive balance between the modern rhythm patterns and the more vintage qawwali format,with latter hymn like portions taking the cake.

Khwab Jo is certainly the stuff of dreams.First up,it is a remarkable collaboration-Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shankar Mahadevan.Both brilliant singers with sound classical bases.And as is destined to happen sparks do fly-The melody is tuneful and the jugalbandi is absorbing if not arresting,with both singers,effortlessly,towering over the song making it the definitive song of the album.

The folkish Yaari Bina is an ode to friendship as is the wont of the film.Roop Kumar Rathod sings with a flourish even as the simple,sinuous tune is endearing.The entire song though extending to 4 & 1/2 minutes is encapsulated within two lengthy stanzas.

Zubeen Garg vocals have a certain exotic quality to them as was evidenced in his earlier outings as well.Here too,in Shola Shola,his vocals are the standout in a meandering song.The refrain is pathetic but the breezy interludes give it a certain elevation.

London Dreams has an uncharacteristic and partly off-colour SEL at the helm of affairs and on first impressions this seems to be a good departure from,what can be defined as, their Luck By Chance sound,which though enjoyable was getting repetitive.It indeed offers an interesting assortment of songs but fails to satisfy and satiate totally for what has been touted as a musical.

My Picks-Barso Yaaron,Khwab Jo

My Rating-Three Cheers!!!