Music Review:Aladin(Vishal-Shekhar)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Genie Rap(Also called Make A Wish),featuring the staccato baritone booms of the Big B(Sounds more rock starrish rather than the sober and staid Amitabh Bacchan,doesn’t it?),and Giri Giri,sung in a deliciously offkey manner by Sanjay Dutt,are suitably amateurish and enjoyable ones at that.Even though the former turns predictably boring after a while,the latter grows into a sheer delight;it’s appeal stemming from the bumbling,trying-to-be-wicked-yet-harmless villainy quality that more often than not was/is usually supplied in good measure in childhood fantasy stories to spook brash kids.O Re Saawariya,this time too featuring Bacchan,is likeable as long as it lasts creating a mini riot of sorts with the kitschy confluence of Bacchan’s gruff and Shreya Ghoshal’s velvety vocals.The abrupt and cliched choral start notwithstanding,You Maybe settles down into a neat melodious ditty,even as Vishal takes a soulful turn,a departure from his steady,heady too,dose of staple rock.Dadlani’s weathered vocals have the delectable tonal quality that traverses genres,sounding helplessly lost in romantic songs(remember Khabar Nahi),especially in the higher octaves,and grungy and grimy in rock numbers-An attribute that makes him an unassumingly versatile exponent of two seemingly contrasting genres.The pompously orchestrated and sung Tak Dhina Dhin,atleast on the surface,appears to be puerile with a tonguetwisty tune breathlessly executed by Shankar Mahadevan and reminiscent of those songs from an earlier era when the emphasis used to be on punchy hooklines and rhythm.Nevertheless it is passable and might function well within the movie.Bachke O Bachke is mediocre stuff even though it boasts of a good enough punchline,it is’t able to shake off the shadow of hackneyedness.And is it only me or does Sunidhi really sound off the boil here?

After a prolific run in 2008,which the duo ended with the succesful Dostana,Vishal-Shekhar’s first release in 2008 is par for the course but truth Aladin is underwhelming.Atleast one takes solace from the fact that it isn’t as disastrous as Bhoothnath,another OST where the Big B,well,rapped!

My Picks-You Maybe,Giri Giri

My Rating- Two Cheers!!