Music Review:Ek Niranjan(Mani Sharma)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

With fab orchestration and a rocking tune,the title track is a total sizzler.Ranjith gets the drawl bang on to convey the mock anxiety and ponderance of one with no-one in this world perfectly.Gundello,with that faux classicality,impresses right of the bat.Add a brownie for the inventive programming.Sameera,sung by an efficient Karthik,and Mahammari are the usual suspects that pull this OST down-Unexciting tunes that merely make up the numbers and if possible placate the masses.Nartanatara is sheer noise with plain irritating singing and painfully overbearing music.Mani Sharma,though,finishes with a euphonious but middling Evaru Lerani;perhaps a more apt choice of singer would have made it more effective.

After the stupendous Baanam,Mani Sharma’s score for Ek Niranjan is wrapped in commerciality and adds mere functionality.

My Picks-Ek Niranjan

My Rating-One Cheer!