Music Review:Jail(Shamir Tandon,Sharib-Toshi)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Alas! Bhandarkar’s dalliance with inferior music continues..

Though his films,till now,have contained consistently unexceptional scores,we let the man off the hook for his,one of a kind,persistence with gritty cinema.The kind of subjects he dabbles with,needless to say,reduce songs to almost a miniscule if not redundant feature of the film.Yet music listeners had their tails up,thanks to a sublime score from the Merchant brothers,when Fashion’s music got released.

Bareily Ke Bazaar Mein comes as a rude awakening with it’s barnyard lyrics and risqué singing.It is the kind of tune many MD’s have left behind in the 90s,or vice-versa,after every ounce of it’s appeal was milked,extracted and exhausted.

Daata Sun Le took me back to those times when heroines,visibly young,danced to vocals that were visibly elderly and frail,making me think whether it was their granny who was mouthing all those lines.This was the striking feature of all Yash Raj films till well past the millennium clock struck.And the singer was,of course,Lata Mangeshkar.No offence meant to the national treasure whose exquisite vocals can still be swooned over in erstwhile and much better compositions,but listening to her tenuous-time worn vocals is a grating experience that only begets the question:Why?Why do we have to put up with a Lata Mangeshkar voice that is well past it’s prime and has lost,most if not all of,it’s nectar and hence denounce all those cherished memories of her euphonious vocals from an earlier time?

Meanwhile,the two rising and remarkable composer duo,Sharib-Toshi,produce two been-there-done-that-tracks of unremarkable quality-Milke Yun Laga and Sainya Ve.The sound-scaping,from these two,is getting repetitive as is the structuring of the tunes,which,if you haven’t noticed till now,make a straight go at the heart with their,almost,manipulative ebbs and flows.It is not that they aren’t absorbing,but just that they need to revamp themselves rather than attaching themselves to a monolithic way of going about things.

Jail sees Bhandarkar returning to his old concomitant,Shamir Tandon,who sorrily sticks to his old ways even as Sharib-Toshi stage an abortive attempt at rescuing this OST from sub-standardness.

My Rating-One Cheer!

PS:For those of you who swear by the singing of Neil Nithin Mukesh the rock version of Sainya Ve might be a decent listen,though I’m not commenting on his singing here!