Music Review:Kurbaan(Salim-Sulaiman)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Shukran Allah,lush with Salim Merchant’s exotic chants and Sonu Nigam’s mellifluous vocals,carries a certain trademark melody that one instantly recognises with the repertoire of SEL.The lyrics radiate the effulgent sparks of new found love and convey suitably the prevailing surfeit of bonhomie and cheerful disposition.I don’t know why but I ended up relating the song Dua with a road trip,but that’s how it is.It is probably the surging tune that coerced me or maybe the racy rhythm patterns.Any which way the composers do well here by lacing the rather predictable tune with little flourishes,like the delicate guitaring and by roping in a skillful pairing,Kailash Kher and Sukhwinder in this case,to make the song sound absorbing.Salim returns with a solo in Ali Maula,an atmospheric track invoking the almighty,and vocalises the earthy,Islamic timbre to perfection.I’m not a particular fan of remixes leave alone being a stickler but I found the remix of Ali Maula to be subversive fun with neat synth additions et al.Rasiya is one song where the duo peak in their wicked streak of inventiveness.The hollow one-step techno thumps that fill the background as also the effect created of that of a clock ticking away are mighty imaginative additions.Also,the classical strain that runs through is sung impressively by Shruthi Pathak and as if the song wasn’t overtly smouldering the makers insert a sensual monologue by Kareena(?)

In tune with the principle of reserving  the best for the last,SS unleash the spectacular Kurbaan Hua towards the end.Vishal sings with a searing intensity that is mind boggling(Look at him take off from no where as the song comes to a close)even as the composers craft a riveting interplay of sounds fusing techno & rock for a potentially lethal mix.

SS come up a scintillating score for Kurbaan,traversing across diverse genres in the process.A compelling OST.

My Picks-Kurbaan Hua,Rasiya,Shukran Allah

My Rating-Four Cheers!!!!