Music Review:Aarya2(Devi Sri Prasad)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Everything about Mr Perfect smacks of the incorrigible clichedness that plagues telugu OSTs these days.Sample these lyrics-He’s a jaadugar…He gives you fever..He’s a cool cracker..takoddhe(don’t touch)…I already see many of you shaking your heads and pointing out that this is meant to be *leave your brains behind kinda stuff*.True,two years ago,I would have marvelled at the sheer disdain and disregard for logic that these lyrics conveyed.Maybe I would have appreciated the *fresh* lyrics.But,I have a problem when this *kinda stuff* becomes the staple de riguer diet that feeds,almost,every alternate song.And when the female lead,Rita,mumbles the Perfect..Perfect..He’s Mr Perfect refrain it’s deja vu of the cruelest kind.I mean,I have lost count of how many times Devi Sri has used this kind of hooks.Also,I have a problem the looseness with which he weaves music,especially in the title tracks.Nowadays it almost borders on kiddish rhythm patterns of the lamest kind.The MD,though,redeems himself with a neat ditty-Uppenantha.KK is in fine fettle and despite the oft repeated motif of the DSP making it’s presence felt,here too,the emphasis on melody pays off.Devi Sri’s jejune vocals and the utterly abysmal tune take Baby He Love’s You within striking distance from disaster,but a few inspired lyrics from Chandrabose,just about,salvages the day.The south film industry,telugu in particular, must be the only one with a fetishistic urge to incorporate an item number in every film.And this they continue to hold fast to with an almost ritualistic compulsion.The only difference lies in the star they rope in for the 5 minute act.The low budget ones make do with the local ones while those willing to splurge take great pains to prize out one from north of the Deccan’s.At first annoying with a dumb tune to boot,Ringa Ringa‘s,the item song here,only selling point is it’s downright cheesy lyrics by Chandrabose.The lyricist runs wild with his suitably crass imagination concocting an uproariously rip roaring tale(pardon the pun,if any) of a shady courtesan.DSP’s puerile attempts continue in My Love Is Gone even as his strongest composition comes in the form of Kunal Ganjawala sung Karige Loga.Mildly reminiscent of the MD’s Atu Nuvve Itu Nuvve in terms of the sheer expressiveness in singing,the wordplay of Vanamali and the sinuous tune make this one soar.

Aarya2 is one of DSP’s better works in recent times,but that isn’t saying much considering he has unleashed on us a certain Mallanna and Current.His work here too can best be metaphorised with wild pendulum swings.As some wise cricketer rather simplistically described his team’s performance as very good or very bad,the same applies to this OST too but with a one difference-The good ones are middling while the bad ones are really bad.Disappointing.

My Picks-Karige Loga

My Rating- One Tear!

PS:Do try the fine remix of Karige Loga with a soft guitar accompaniment. Oh! and why does Sagar sound squeaky here.