Music Review:De Dana Dan(Pritam,RDB,AdBoys)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

RDB do what they are expected to with their reworked megalomaniac ditty Paisa Paisa-Provide loads of gibberish upfront to soften the listener for the subsequent blows! Contrary to what many people believe,I have always felt that when it came to nasal singing,RDB outnose everyone by a mile.And yes that includes our poor Himesh(With he re-inventing himself,there’s no competition for RDB).

Moving on,slot the title track into the already burgeoning list of Akki goofy numbers and,well,move on..(Do tell me who the adboys are).

Pritam flatters-He delivers another charming track,one of those kind which melt in the ears,in the form of Rishte Naate-only to deceive.There is a right royal downward spiral about which you have no inkling of while Rahat holds forth.Baamulaiza is too monotonous for comfort with utterly predictable passages while Hotty Naughty is nutty,knotty and what not.Even the build up to Gale Lag Ja isn’t all that inspiring,but may well be inspired(wink).The orchestration is sluggish and inert but the lead singers do a serviceable job.

And that’s all about it.De Dana Dan is a muddled job and apparently Pritam sleepwalks through it.

My Pick-Rishte Naate

My Rating-Two Tears!!