Music Review:Paa(Ilayraaja)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Mudhi Mudhi,along with two of it’s offshoots-the continuum Udhi Udhi and the wistful Gali Mudhi,literally spell freshness.Like the choicest nectar distilled from the maestro’s repertoire,it dissolves on fleeting,ephemeral contact.Also the orchestral melody is pure,it’s soul not defiled by a grating synth sound that attaches itself,mysteriously,when Raaja composes for films down south.But before all these heavenly experiences,the aural senses do take a while to acclimatise to the amorphous tune and absorb the sensuous wordplay(Swanand Kirkire makes this his recurring motif with every other song in the OST trying hard to rhyme.)

Though a thorough appraisal of any exhibition of art would lie in the critic being impervious to the influence of one single piece,it seems,this,is eminently not possible with Paa.Throughout,I felt like rushing back to the ambrosial Mudhi Mudhi somewhat like a child enamoured by the toy shop in a fair.

This disinclination towards the other songs is also fuelled by their middling disposition.Frankly,they would do better when embedded into the narrative than as standalone pieces.

Gum Sum is vintage Raaja but it is hindered by a bland vanilla flavour and lacks a striking quality that would elevate it beyond the realms of ordinariness.Same is the case with the prosaic Hichki Hichki.

Mere Paa,amusingly sung by Amitabh Bacchan,does an engrossing job of delving into the arcane thoughts of a progeria afflicted child.But,again,it looses it’s appeal soon.Finally,Raaja rounds off the OST with a short choral piece-Halke Se Bole.

Mudhi Mudhi is undoubtedly the lodestone of this enterprise.Here’s a gem from Raaja whose creativity,it seems,has been wringed dry owing to his prolific composing spree.For the leviathan that he is,striding across all the southern languages with virtuoso accomplishments,he has far little to show when it comes to hindi.

My Picks-Mudhi Mudhi

My Rating-Two Cheers!!