Music Review:Leader(Mickey J Meyer)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Ok,the bad news first-I’m very busy these days,so you wouldn’t be getting a full length review for this.But the good news is Leader is a terrific OST.

Hey CM is highly imaginative vis-a-vis the splendid orchestration containing an interesting fusion of jazz and police band.Also,the diva like rendition by Sunita Sarathy is nice.Rajasekara is good enough but in the context of an item song it sounds rather tepid.Moreover the Kajra Re influences seep in and spoil the issue.Vandemataram is a true goosebumpy experience especially when the singer launches into the pallavi.Afterall and no wonder this was the chant that fuelled a nationtowards freedom.The lyrics are thoughtful,too.Barring the all too obvious resemblences with his(Mickey’s) earlier songs,Aunana Kadana is delightful.This is particularly true when the meandering pallavi paves the way to a sprightly charanam,with beautiful lyrics to accompany.The poola jadalo thoka chukka lines are some of the best lines you can hear.And suddenly thanks to the MD,Maa Telugu Talliki seems like an altogether different song.It is no longer the detestable song one hated to sing in the morning assembly with the sun beating down! Ah! if only this guy existed in those times.His contemporary packaging of the iconic ode to the Telugu motherland,here, is soul stirring and rousing.The Shehnai burst of the same in the instrumental is,again,excellent.Rayaprolu’s words flow again through the magnificent Sreelu Pongina.

My Picks-Maa Telugu Talliki,Aunana Kadana

My Rating-Three Cheers!!!