Music Review:Rocket Singh(Salim-Sulaiman)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Finally the salesman is here!

Pocket Mein Rocket has a nice tactile ring to it,almost in a giggle-a-minute childish fashion.But that’s about it.Gadbadi Hadbadi starts impressively but is a sloshy,botched up neither-here-nor-there attempt in the end.And just when you were thinking where this OST is headed you get Salim Merchant’s Pankhon Ko-A blithe song that blows across like a whiff of fresh breeze.It’s also amazingly light on it’s feet,although loaded with a heavy message,it never bogs down due to the sweet guitar strumming that lends this song a slightly off-kilter and melancholic character even as it fills the backdrop with a mature sound.

I,particuarly,like these lines even as the poetry is uniformly good.The whole life and kite metaphor..

Uljhe nahin toh kaise suljhoge…                                                                                     Bikhre nahin toh kaise nikhroge…..Udne Dooo…

Pocket Singh is a decent assortment from S-S.And god is it short!

My Pick-Pankhon Ko

My Rating-Two Cheers!!