Music Review:Adurs(Devi Sri Prasad)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

The music,here,is so mind numbingly entertaining,so enthralling,that I’m bored.Devi Sri Prasad is,afterall,that screwball,insouciant creature that he believes he can get away with the same crime for a godawful one more time.I laud him for his intrepidness and assuredness.This guy has got balls.He believes in his convictions and gives a shit to what the others think.But wouldn’t this tenacity be admirable in more apt,trying,situations.Moreover,tenacity is for meeting deadlines,fighting down-in-the-dumps situations.Instead,it is rather promiscuous skill that is required to craft wondrous things.Like music.Good,ofcourse.So,the moment I tune into Pilla Navalla Kadhu,which by the way features Mika Singh singing not in Punjabi nor Hindi but in Telugu and ironically in times when Mr Kammula wants to resurrect Maa Telugu Talliki,and the dhol beats start trickling in,I feel like banging my head on the hardest thing available near me.I make do with a pillow but how much more of the same? OK, the groove’s atleast there in Assalaam Valekhum(someone inform the Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind) but the lyricist keeps coming up with curiouser and curiouser lines that they keep getting my goat.Neethone is atleast consistent-It is totally trite in all departments.Meanwhile,the harrying Chary need not tarry.All you unsuspecting,be wary.Parry this one.Out of this entire exercise if there is something that retains a modicum of interest,something worthwhile,something sensible,it is Chandrakala,which is sweetened by a certain Hariharan and is enlivened by a light classical touch.Moving on,suffice to say Shiva Shambho,the last track in this odious audiotrack,has DSP getting behind the mike.The sensible should take hint and scoot or put up with an insipid song whose hook vaguely resembles the,now trudge like,civil rights gospel ditty…We Shall Overcome.

My Rating-Three Tears!!!