Music Review:Om Shanthi(Ilayaraaja)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

The name may not spell magic anymore,but Ilayaraaja,the brand,even today,makes people sit up in bated anticipation.It is also,probably,the reason for my disappointment with Om Shanthi.Forget the synth,even the tunes seem turgid and coagulated,here.Flying On The Moon seems like it was done with the sole intention of teaching people how to frown and cringe.If the lyrics don’t get you,the singer’s slurpy drawl will.Frankly,or so it seems,english lyrics aren’t Raaja’s forte even as Toshi’s rank amateurish singing and Raaja’s clunky tune spell doom for the title song.Ottesi Chebutha is as juvenile with those laughably infantile lyrics coupled with Karthik’s rendition who lets it fly,going totally overboard in the process.Chinna Polike,although having it’s share of flaws,is delicious and salvages this OST from the deep sea.And no wonder we are given three versions of it.Kunal Ganjawala is refreshing with his somber,restrained vocalising,here,but Sunidhi is glaringly off mark,singing with uncharacteristic trepidation as if in a blue funk.Her solo more than conforms this-focussing on her chinks all the more!

My Pick-Chinna Polike

My Rating-One Tear!