Music Review:Pyaar Impossible(Salim-Sulaiman)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

10 on 10,sung in a brusque and spirited fashion by VIVA girl Mahua Kamat,stands out with it’s catchy tune and enthusiastic sound.There’s an expressly arrogant and dismissive tone to the song,girly in a way,which plays out rather well in Mahua’s crackling rendition.Anushka and Naresh,in particular,chip in well.Casual crooning by Domique Cerejo also works wonders in Pyaar Impossible,redeeming the slighly off colour tune in the process.For once, Cerejo also overshadows the irrepressible Vishal Dadlani with her vibrant singing and the,chilled out,banter like lyrics stack up well.Alisha is a straight out sling-shot winner with it’s soaked-in-candy-it-tastes-bitter Yash Raj goodiness.The groovy You And Me is just that-groovy.Other than that,there’s a bit of a hashed up singing in a mashed up tune.Or make it mashed up singing in a hashed up tune.Probably,in solidarity with the prevailing mood of monkey dance and affecting Paa spirit,S-S also come up with their own kiddo track-Ek Thi Ladki.It is one of those countless,harmless tunes that get buried under the deluge.

S-S restore parity with their good-for-a-giggle and a jig soundtrack.The vacuum for a beach listen fill up,after all.

My Picks-10 on 10,Alisha

My Rating-Three Cheers!!!