Music Review:Chance Pe Dance(Adnan Sami,Pritam,Sandeep Shirodkar,Ken Ghosh)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Incessant electronica and dhol envelop the listener in this spectacularly noisy OST,as Adnan,mostly,and Sandeep pile it on literally.Just Do It,One More Dance,Yaba Daba Yahoo…The list is unending.This blaze only dissipates to give way to a lucid Pal Mein Hi,sung by Shaan…oops no..Soham,and Rishta Hai Mera,sung by the real Shaan,only to be blissfully smothered,once again,by more techno,more dhol and a bizarrely incoherent grunt flexing exercise by Vishal in Pump It Pump.Then there’s Pe Pe Pepein,straight out of Pritam’s (dis)array,and shockingly,no! hilariously(talk about two people getting the same ingenious idea!),the pompous shehnai  notes seem to have parachuted straight from a Pritam’s own song,Oh By God.

Here’s one OST that tries to be all fire,brimstone and intent.In the end as smoke descends the intent had long back vaporised.

My Rating-Three Tears!!!