Music Review:Prasthanam(Mahesh Shankar)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Bedaro,describing the shokilla rayudulu of Bezawada,is smartly written,underdone sometimes,and paced with harmonium bursts to boot and narrates,well,the mechanic’s sob story! Evade Vaadu falters.The snazzy tune fails to gel with the lyrics and the MD gets the ambience totally wrong.Mahesh’s low key,uncut vocals,somewhat similar in timbre to Yuvan’s,fail to redeem the dreary Innalluga.For a melody it’s tune is too generic and lacks the truly bubbling flow.Murali Lola is better-a neatly executed melody with good vocals although the childish banter could have been avoided.It takes a bit of it’s sheen away.The ominous sounding Nayudocchadoe vacillates between funny and fearsome but in the end it settles down into a mere hero worship number with little or no spunk.Karthik’s sprightly singing elevates Nee Rendallo to an extent but the hackneyed tune,again,bogs it down.Payaname is interesting but would rather work in a context.

Mahesh Shankar makes an honest effort but sadly that isn’t enough.He ends up way below Pranayam,an OST in which he promised much.

My Rating:Three Tears!!!