Music Review:Kedi(Sandeep Chowtha)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Sandeep Chowtha is that esoteric being who is difficult to comprehend.He started with a sunshine lilt in Ninne Pelladtha which included,inter alia,Yeto Vellipoyindi,a song I still play in a loop.Later on he vanished,doing some OSTs while on the fringes,only to break in with Super.But thereafter,strangely,he abandoned his single greatest asset-The ability to come up with uncanny melodies while spiking them with his own brand of accompaniments.

This is thankfully brought back,atleast in part,and the result shows.Kedigadu,featuring a diva like rendition from Sunidhi,where she lets it fly,does have shades of Greeku Veerudu but is orchestrated refreshingly well,taking away some of the déjà vu.Enduko Enthaki is literally out of the blue.The raindrop notes of tabla and the occasional sounds of the potent electric guitar energise it in a totally different way while Saleem Shahida,who does sound like his namesake Master Saleem and Kailash Kher,breathes life into it with a flawed yet graceful drawl.Muddante,a throwback to ANR’s Adhrushtavanthudu,is no doubt enjoyable but the MD could have retained some of the retro flavour instead of clinically wiping it out with some unimaginative arrangements.Sandeep Chowtha again excels in cranking up the trance with techno in Janiya Jane apart from melding into it Neha Kakkar’s dolce whisperings.Rahul Nambiar settles down with the functional Neelo Emunnade while Sonu Kakkar scrapes through in Relarey.Ideally,the latter should have been sung by an ethnic singer who would have brought out the intricacies of  folk better.The MD strikes gold again with Neeve Na Neeve Na,a flowing melody with absorbing turns.The singing again  threatens to spoil the show while Chowtha,himself,chips in with Short And Sweet which is sweet but,thankfully,not short.

Sandeep Chowtha is back in form after a bout of complacency.Maybe a bunch of local singers might propel him to greater heights,the next time around.Also,he needs better lyricists.Inspite of all,he is seeing the ball well.

My Picks-Enduko Enthaki,Neeve Na Neeve Na,Short And Sweet

My Rating-Three Cheers!!!