Music Review:Maro Charitra{2010}(Mickey J Meyer)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Seriously,Meyer must restrain himself from foraging from his earlier tunes that composed on a happy day.The material that he rustles up here plays out under the nagging overhang of being repetitive.The songs are turning out to be litanies.Meyer’s nimbleness at piecing together a mellow,balmy score is still intact-the sound here too is pleasant and pleasing,at the same time-but his tunes continue to remain suspect.They are flat,dismal and unimaginative.

The best song on offer here,Prema Prema,is nothing but a pale distillation from some of his earlier concoctions.However,the two ‘re-creations’ stand out for faithfully warding off any suggestions of bequeathing from the originals.Ye Teega Puvvuno appears to have been painstakingly varnished  with that luxuriant orchestration but the song begins to unravel as soon as Swetha Pandit’s etiolated,distant vocals start filtering in.On the other hand,Bale Bale Mogadivoy lands a trendy renovation;something on the lines of Latoo(Ghajini).It is not entirely convincing but is nevertheless entertaining.The evenpacedness of the song,though,gets to it in the end.It also lacks the fizz of the original.

Apart from these,the OST carries two more unexceptional songs.

My Rating-One Cheer!