Music:Some Notable Ramblings(HTAG,Houseful,Kites,Badmaash Company,Paathshaala)

As most of you would agree,my writing has become way too sporadic.It has its reasons.But as far as possible,I would like to keep updating this blog,if not with comprehensive reviews atleast with some random thoughts on what I’ve heard and liked recently.

Shankar Ehsaan Loy had two rather pallid releases some time back:Hum Tum Aur Ghost and Houseful.The former wasn’t a rank bad one per se as it had an exceptional song in Dekho Raste Mein and a reasonably decent one in Kal Tum The Yahan.The others were of course a bland ghosth(Hum Tum Aur Ghost) and a burnt toast(Banware Se Pooche Banwariya).Rewinding back,Dekho Raste Mein had me totally floored with that sparkling tune,effortless singing and lissome orchestration.The lyrics being none too impressive,it’s infectiousness is even more appreciable.

Going by the expectations,Houseful is an absolute dud of a soundtrack.There isn’t one song that catches the eye(or ear).The Dhanno remix doesn’t tamper much with the orginal,but the choice of song is in itself suspect.I Don’t Know What To Do and Papa Jag Jayega are too verbose while Loser is just that:a loser.Oh Girl shows sparks of promise but never really gets ignited.

Paathshaala is an efficient soundtrack in the sense that it gets the job done,and quite methodically at that.Of the ensemble,I particularly like Bekarar,even though it doesn’t feature Lucky Ali at his fluent best,and Aye Khuda,even though Salim Merchant is sounding way too tedious and flat these days.

Kites is a rather weird soundtrack.It displays enough mettle and variety to have one intrigued but just when one expects the going to get better it charts an entirely different course to leave ┬áthe listener high and dry.Zindagi Do Pal Ki lathers the old world charm for as long as it works.KK is a top-notch choice,his tone suffused with longing and melancholy,and is a dream to listen to.Ditto with Dil Kyun Yeh Mera which has some lovely passages.But from then on Mr Roshan unadvisedly gives in to the urge of showing off some modern stuff.And that’s exactly when the soundtrack starts falling apart.Kites In The Sky can be excused but Tum Bhi Ho Wahi is totally jarring.Adding to the incense is the curious case of a song named Fire that too in two pedestrian avatars.Crazy stuff.

Badmaash Company is an interesting package.While Ayaashi and the title song are unabashedly boring it has one excellent song and two marginal ones to make up for.Chaska has the rusty,wheezing electric guitar jettisoning the ubiquitous dhol beats,Jingle Jingle has a very delightful,drawn out acoustic riff.Full marks to Pritam for the ingenuity.Further,Fakeera is an unusual song from the composer and moreover Rahat is quite an unusual choice.This unusualness though can quickly be forgotten as the breezy song starts to gather momentum.The opening riffs of the electric guitar are a delicacy,they are still swirling within me,while this must have been Rahat’s easiest payday.Excellent song.