Music Review: Crook (Pritam)

If one is willing to look beyond as gauche a title as “crook”, there is much fun to be had with this light and trippy soundtrack from Pritam. Challa is one of few discordant notes in the OST. Somehow I haven’t been able to convince myself of its appeal, though its chartbusting abilities are undeniable. Kya, by Neeraj Sridhar, is thematically the nth song that these two have produced, forget even déjà vu.Nevertheless it is a middling song with rushes of catchiness.The mukhda though reminds of Naaluguriki (Takkari Donga?). Pritam strikes gold with the templatised yet gorgeously wrought melody Mere Bina.The music is serenely minimalist till the woozy chorus portions kick in. Nikhil D Souza is fantastic singer although he reminds me of Atif in the higher octave.Tujhi Mein is a perfect illustration of how ingenious orchestration can uplift a song beyond its ,ostensible, means. Here is a conventional tune about to go through its arduous trek until….Pritam eases that swinging,hypnotic guitar piece into the background.And what a stunning background it makes! It is also a song whose interlude portions are better than the main hook itself.

Two bright songs and copious amounts of unplugged versions make this OST a pleasure to listen to.