A Renewed Wish to Soar

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Don’t bother about the bad(maybe curious) title this post has.It was haphazardly conjured because the software refused to post something without a title.I doubt if it was actually judging me but anyway…My old readers must be befuddled to see a new post on this long archaic blog.Detractors who were happy that it was fast sinking into that abyss populated by innumerable dead blogs would surely be mortified to see this.If not they will be in the next couple of days! Because this post like a tendril(maybe the phoenix analogy would be better but anyway) peeking out of dead wood this post is a precursor to activity and life on this blog that will ideally contain some reviews,some rants and some ruminations.

A lot has changed over the last one year.Your blogger,for instance,has lost 15 kilograms of weight not out of the modern day compulsions and pressures to stay fit but as a result of eminently inedible mess food served on campus.So much so that he lives in the constant fear of being ridiculed by parents and relatives for resembling an impoverished Somalian child than a healthily obese Indian child.The same blogger has developed a taste for cinema as well, that was till a year back latent.This can be attributed to anything between staying in a hostel(and not at home and hence not being prone to unconscionable restrictions on movie watching time!), having great movie buffs as friends(and they luckily having external hard disks full of movies) to something as innocuous as having a decent internet connection and a torrent client.All in all movie watching has been an enriching experience.So expect posts on movies as well.Time permitting I have also been reading books, some really eclectic ones at that (Currently reading A Suitable Boy,Battleground Telangana,Sea of Poppies and Live & Let Die). So I might end up writing something about books probably.By all means the music reviews shall still continue and perhaps will be the staple but there might be movies,books and rants in the mix too.That way I should pat myself for being prescient enough to have a tagline like Music,Musings et al!

It has been tough to post the entire last year owing greatly to my own insurmountable laziness and partly because of getting accustomed to a life away from home.But since things appear to have settled and since I am willing to sacrifice a couple of hours every week there is no reason why this blog should not be up and running.In fact I cherish the whole period of roughly two years for which I blogged.It was an exciting prospect to publish my own thoughts about music and remains so.The response was quite frankly flattering and some of the discussions wonderful.The indignance of Himesh Reshammiya fans was particularly fascinating(See the Radio music review for more.Readers should note that some of the more pejorative of the comments were removed because they attacked this hopeless blogger and at times his hapless relatives and family members too).I doubt if I will manage to reach out to all the old readers as my break in habit might have resulted in their change of habit.But I hope to find new readers too who will no doubt make this as enriching an experience for me.I can’t promise regular posts due to erratic schedules but the aim would be for consistency and longevity this time.Posts might be shorter due to this.I suggest people to follow me on twitter (@msrikantt) as I would also send out alerts about new posts through it.

So on the jubilant occasion of the 65th Independence Day, I hope to make a fresh start(the theme change is symbolic of this.Do tell me if you like it or want it tweaked) and rededicate myself to this blog.Jai Hind!