Music Review: Dookudu (SS Thaman)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

The irony is both a blog post in hotgas and the movie Dookudu have been a long time in coming.But anyway now that the audio is out all the fans have something to live on till the movie releases.So how is SS Thaman’s score for Dookudu?

Well if you have been following Thaman since Kick you won’t have any surprises.Musically it the familiar blend of hooks and trappings that marked him out in Kick, but unlike his recent endeavours like Veera and Kandireega he manages to bring in some novelty to the table.Make no mistake this is an incredibly catchy and entertaining score, completely new for a Mahesh Babu movie atleast.

The album kicks off with the splendid theme track Nee Dookudu which starts with strains of some faux-western guitar riffs.Viswa’s wordplay is mesmerising at times and is reminiscent of the Athadu theme (more in spirit than otherwise) while Shankar Mahadevan nails it with his powerful vocals.It is good to see him sing these peppy hero worship songs once in a while to break the monotony of the staple inspirational songs he usually sings when SEL compose.Guruvaram is the best song of the lot;Gorgeous melody with good vocals although a little lousy when it comes to the lyrics – Too platitudinal for comfort (Somewhat like those Kulasekhar lyrics in those Uday Kiran movies). Also a word on the chorus (in the pallavi) portions;They are superb and take this song to an entirely different level.Chulbuli has an uninspiring tune and even apes Kilimanjaro at times rhythm wise.The soundtrack is back on track with the smashingly retro’ish (There’s even an RD Burman reference) Poovai Poovai sung heartily by Ramya.It reminded me of one of those Jayamalini item songs with kaleidoscopic sets and strobe lights, probably because of the overtly masculine (evoking Ellareshwari) female vocals and the pompous orchestra.I think the most innovation in song writing is not surprisingly happening in the item song writing space and Rama Jogaiah Sastry is in his element here.Dethadi is mighty catchy,especially the Itu Raaye hook,although Thaman’s been there done that music-wise.The album is rounded off by the mediocre Adara Adara, a family celebration song with a lot of banter going on.

Overall, Thaman comes up with a snazzy score for Dookudu with a couple of memorable songs thrown in.

My Picks: Guruvaram, Poovai Poovai, Nee Dookudu