Music Review: Force (Harris Jayaraj)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Force is quite an interesting album and showcases most of Harris Jayaraj’s strengths – hummable tunes, pleasant orchestration and catchy riffs – to Hindi music listener. While for a substantial part the soundtrack only recycles Jayaraj’s earlier hits, it has at least one strong new composition for the southie listener. Khwabon remains faithful to the original, Uyirin Uyire, right down to the singers and still remains a delight to listen to. It is a strong tuneful song and transcends the language barrier with ease. Main Chali, on the other hand, pales in comparison to its source Manasa (Munna; Telugu) because of an uneasy blending of the antara and mukhda. Where the original had one single simpatico flow between these two, the Hindi version tries to stitch up a breezy antara with a rather exuberant mukhda. While this is not necessarily bad, at least here it appears disjoint and discordant. Dum Hai To Aaja follows a pattern that is similar to 10 on 10 (Pyaar Impossible) and holds limited appeal. Jayaraj serves up a passable melody in Dil Ki Hai Tamanna; a situational song with a weak tune. Chahoon Bhi is an absolute stunner: inheriting its legacy arguably from Rahman’s Khamosh Raat. It has a gentle rhythm and an excellent ambient tune that is leisurely but not lazy. It takes a while for the soothing melody to wash over you (Yes,its one of those songs that grows over you). The choice of singers (Bombay Jayashree & Karthik) is thoughtful and pays rich dividends. It is a pity Bombay Jayashree does not sing as much as she deserves to and Karthik, in a decidedly cameo role, pitches in a superlative dreamy performance.

My Picks – Chahoon Bhi (Khwabon also recommended for the first time listener)