Music Review : Oosaravelli (Devi Sri Prasad)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Even a reasonably predictably composer steps out of his comfort zone once in a while and Devi Sri does this brilliantly with Brathakali – an angsty song that breathes fire through its abrasive rock base, powerful lyrics and furious singing. Devi Sri’s own uncut vocals provide the perfect counterpoint to all this.Terrific, compelling listen!

If there is one place one consistently hears the talented Adnan Sami, it is in Devi Sri’s soundtracks. Granted that he has a unique voice (jalubu gonthu, they say in telugu!) that does not fit many situations but it seems as if our MDs have completely forsaken him. But Devi usually gives him tuneful songs and here too Sami gets to sink his teeth into a jaunty number – Nenante – with some breezy orchestration.

Yelango and Dhandiya are completely uninspired. The former at least has an interesting flow to it but the latter is a terrible kuthu song that hammers home every cliched sound from the genre. Even the lyrics by Anantha Sriram are painfully lowbrow. The theme track, on the other hand, is eminently forgettable. Sri Anjaneyam, the other bit song, is uplifted by some good lyrics and spirited singing. Of the two melodies – Love Ante and Niharika – the latter is the clear winner. Although the tune is nothing great to write home about, the ambient orchestration and choice of singers make it engaging.

My Picks – Brathakali, Nenante