Impressions : Dookudu Movie

by Srikanth Mantravadi

*Worth a single watch at least for the most awefuckingsome, mind blasting (Yes,Russel Peters would also agree) hero introduction scene in the history of Telugu Indian cinema. Idi choosaka okkokadiki bulbulu pagilipotaye.

*Mahesh’s screen presence was never in doubt even in duds like Athidi and Khaleja (I still like the movie!) and he is stunning in Dookudu also, carrying the slightly bloated 3 hour long movie on his shoulders.

*Talking about movie run time, although this is a loong movie, it is never tiresome. On the contrary, the familiar Seenu Vytla trick of stuffing every scene with humour and comedy keeps the laughter rolling. Consider it to be like Ready (The telugu one.Nobody gives a shit about the Hindi one which earned truckloads of money but had a constipated chimp masquerading as a hero) with a better script + good action thrills + mass masala + MAHESH BABU

*Kona Venkat, the asthana dialogue writer for Vytla films, is getting awesomer by the day. There is a full on so-whistle-worthy-a-mass-masala-dialogue-that-it-will-blow-your-fucking-mind once in every ten minutes. So in that sense it is a return to the Pokiri kind of dialogue writing but not story telling.

*Samantha looks cute onscreen and is a change from the now-gone-cranky Kajal. Prakash Raj does a positive role for a change although he is annoying sometimes.Nazar dabbles in comedy for probably the first time.Brahmanandam is as usual the biggest bakra of them all.MS Narayana’s showreel of Yamadonga, Magadheera and Simha is delightfully funny.The others make up the numbers.

*The songs have been shot well.Chulbuli gains a lot from the choreography and beautiful locales.Nee Dookudu was pure mass hysteria in the theater as it follows the awefuckingsome intro scene.The others are alright.

So all in all a paisa vasool movie that should preferably be watched amidst the din of a single theater. I hear that already half of Kollywood and Bollywood (the chimp included) want to remake this movie.I wish them luck (But please! not the one trick shirt undressing pony!)