Music Review: Desi Boyz (Pritam)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Pritam’s Desi Boyz, contrary to expectations, is an enjoyable album although it is decidedly a slight work. It hardly offers anything new and in fact regurgitates the same old Punju pop sound one associates with an enterprise of this nature but it does so with some flair. Make Some Noise and Jhak Maar Ke are snazzily packaged club numbers; The former comes laden with all the familiar electronica bells and whistles and a surprisingly soulful zitar(?) interlude. Jhak Maar Ke is mellower and features some lovely guitar work in the beginning and what more it is even a recurrent theme through out the song. Subha Hone Na De is like a Himesh song – irritatingly catchy. The rest is all below average Pritam assembly line, not to say that these songs aren’t but they have the extra zing to entertain. Fun as long as it lasts.