Music Review: Solo (Mani Sharma)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Solo is one of Mani Sharma’s better albums. Almost Atom Bomb La is worth skipping. So is Singapuru; an item song that has some interesting lyrics here and there but a completely moth eaten tune. The OST perks up with Ammamamammo; the raaga based turns of phrases enhancing its quality. Marumallela Vaana is the best song of the album and is constructed beautifully. It has a fabulous lilt due to the soft orchestration and flows nicely. Hemachandra’s vocals are delightfully silky and the lyrics by Krishna Chaitanya are outstanding. Naa Prema Kathaku is a middling heartbreak song but the Viswadabhirama Vinura Vema lines are inventive. Haricharan, who usually sings romantic numbers, sounds atypical in the song because of the change in setting perhaps. Puduthune Solo is a haunting theme song with a marvellous tone and good lyrics.

My Picks: Marumallela Vaana, Puduthene Solo