Music Review: Players (Pritam)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Jis Jagah Pe Khatam, Buddhi Do Bhagwan and Ho Gayi Tun are catchy, templatised tracks that Pritam churns out by the dozen. They are lively but eminently forgettable. The soundtrack gains massively from Dil Yeh Bekarar, a gorgeous slow burn melody that has Mohit Chauhan in fabulous form. Pritam hits prime form here and the song carries his distinct stamp of a carefully constructed ballad; soulful vocals, a smattering of lilting orchestration and more importantly the melancholy tinged antara portions dissolving into surging, rousing crescendos. There is also a beauty in repetition and each time you hear Mohit imploring Dil Yeh Bekaraar Kyun Hai? it is a refreshingly delightful experience. Jhoom Jhoom is another insanely addictive track, even in the alternate versions sung by Siddharth Basrur and Shruthi Pathak. However I like the male renditions better simply because this song seems to play out better in a livelier edgy format. Overall it is another solid soundtrack from Pritam although I would really like to see him composing for a musical. Its also been a while since he’s dusted of his electric guitar and belted out coarse, gut wrenching ballads powered by a James or a KK. His last great soundtrack was in 2009. So its time he brings back the good ol’ days.

Moving on, I also hope that the concept of alternate versions catches up. I do not know what kind of effort goes into producing them but I would rather listen to upcoming singers like Nikhil D’Souza crooning Dil Yeh Bekarar, which he does here by the way, rather than listen to a bouquet of hectic techno remixes that have little respect for pacing and nuance. It is a desecration of the original intent of the composer as all of it, or atleast that is what I can infer, appears to be created with only one objective in mind; that of catering to the crowds in a night club. That the DJs are there for. So the sensible thing to do would be to have more variants of a couple of songs that the music director deems worthy of. This is good value addition and adds flavour and variety to the album. Hope Pritam keeps up the trend.

My Picks: Dil Yeh Bekarar, Jhoom Jhoom