Music Review: Veedinthe (Yuvan Shankar Raja)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Yuvan’s music for Veedinthe is melodious and enjoyable but it is also a marginal work. He threatens to wield the sledgehammer of creativity, once in a while, only to return to his comfort zone. Laddu Laddu is highly obnoxious. It is with Manase Paikegire that Yuvan is back to his old self. It is a harmless ditty with some deft touches yet it is from the same mould that tens of other songs of his have been carved out of. So it is his bread and butter work. Pasivadi Padamai has a swinging tune that drones on rather monotonously although it is mildly impressive at places. With an album that has Karthik and Haricharan you hardly expect Mano to steal the thunder. But steal he does with Veeradhi Veerulu an upbeat, punchy number with thumping masala orchestration.

Veedinthe is largely a couple-of-listens album.Nothing more.