Music Review: Bodyguard (Telugu; S Thaman)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Bodyguard surprisingly has a lot of soft melodies on offer and Thaman is in silken form here. Yevvaro and Hosannaa are fabulous ambient ditties. The former has a lovely thump to it while the latter is a pure delight with its shifts in tempo. Both are nicely sung as well. Jiyajaley is interestingly tuned and the sparse arrangement gives it a clean sound. Another good song. Endhuko leavens melancholy with an icy cool sound even as Thaman brings back echoes of Yevvaro with breath taking results. Bodyguard is a mash up of all the masala songs that Thaman has done so far; hence its low appeal. Better used as a background song. Oh My God again has a sound that has been done to death by Thaman.

Despite the tame title tracks, Bodyguard’s music is quite enjoyable what with Thaman discarding his penchant for excessive percussion for a more ambient sound.