Music Review: Agent Vinod (Pritam)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Pritam whips up some fantastic music for this spy thriller. Pritam takes the hook of Rasputin and builds an entirely different yet enjoyable song in I’ll Do The Talking Tonight. Amitabh does some funky wordplay in Pungi but that’s about it. The techno mujra, Dil Mera Muft Ka, has a lively, punchy hook. Even shorn of its techno trappings in the Malini Awasthi version, it is quite effective. But it is Raabta that is Pritam’s ace.The love ballad comes in as many versions as imaginable with different singers bringing their own to the song. It’s a great experiment and it pays off well because the tune and the complementing orchestration are superb. I like Raabta (Night in Motel) the most because of the leisured pace, Aditi’s soothing vocals and the lingering piano lilt. The classical interlude in Siyaah Raatein by Arijit is not to be missed, however. The Agent Vinod Theme is more than functional; There are strains of a tune but it is wrapped up in a cacophony of effective sounds that are the hallmark for movies of this genre.