Music Review: Rachcha (Mani Sharma)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

The title song is undoubtedly pulsating and invokes mass sensibilities like few other songs do. This is not a bad thing per se except that the hook has been in circulation for a while now. Its there even in Simhadri’s Nuvvu Whistle Este. Like the latter, Rachcha is also a near perfect package of hero aggrandisation, some lines cringe worthy, some novel and some cringe worthily novel. Nevertheless the rhythm’s sway is, despite its hoary quality, understandable – It orchestrates a primal frenzy through the palpitating music and all that catchiness does not harm its prospects. (Unsurprisingly enough, even SS Rajamouli, the biggest masala filmmaker out there, seems to be a big fan of this).

The Vaana Vaana (Remix) is not quite sensational (I am not a big fan of the original itself) but it is a reasonably competent evocation. Dillaku invokes Ram Charan’s recent past (I am not sure if the kotha pelli kodaka reference is an intentional meta moment though) and family association in a not so veiled manner but beyond that it is mediocre. The train of meta-ness seemingly never stops in this soundtrack and continues in Oka Padam and Singareniundhi. Both are absolutely listless songs.

Mani Sharma, arguably the biggest composer in the Telugu Film Industry before the Thaman invasion began, is in lacklustre form. The tunes do not leave a lasting impact and the lyrics seem like they have been phoned in. Disappointing.