Eega (M.M. Keeravani)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Nene Nani Ne, apart from the twisty interplay of verse, has a soothing, non intrusive tone going for it. Ga Eega Eega dark techno is punctuated by some interesting tune shifts. The remix is actually better; The impish subversion of vocals is closer to that of a fly and conveys the lyrics’ serio-comic intent in a better way. I would damned if I knew what Rajamouli is going for here! (The genre explanation, socio-fantasy, hardly helps in this case). Vijay Prakash breezes through the upbeat Konchemu Konchemu in characteristic fashion. Lava Lava, which falls somewhere between noise pop and punk rock,  sees Anuj Panchadara Gurwara and Keeravani  working outside their comfort zones and the results are mighty interesting (The hook is a true blue knock the socks off triumph).

Keeravani’s part experimental thematic score for Eega is not as refreshing as it should have been but is nevertheless an interesting assortment. The melodies are decent but seem to be wrapped in an ennui. The thematic pieces are fascinating though.