Ishaqzaade (Amit Trivedi)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Aafaton Ke Parinde is a fine start to the album especially when Divya Kumar, who sounds like a freshly minted Sukhwinder Singh, is given free reign over the song in the interludes. Chokra Jawaan is a firecracker of a song that is propelled by the free spirited energy of Vishal and Sunidhi. In times where lead singers record their part of the song separately, the vocal chemistry between Vishal and Sunidhi is something that is true, palpable and exceptional. The soundtrack takes a melodious turn with the title track. A little predictable but pleasant nevertheless. The impish Jhallawallah takes its cues from Kajra Re and Ranaji but fuses them into a reasonably enjoyable cocktail. Pareshaan is an all round triumph of singing and composing and the piece de resistance of the soundtrack along with Chokra Jawaan. It gains immensely from Shalmali Kholgade’s dainty-gorgeous vocals (In the same league as Hamsika Iyer and Aditi Singh Sharma) and Trivedi’s orchestration that ebbs and flows thoughtfully; Thoughtful considering even a dash of heavy orchestration would have drowned out the delicate vocals of the singer. Also notice how her vocals acquire shades of Sunidhi’s tone in the higher cadences of the chorus. A singer to watch out for.

Amit Trivedi’s Ishaqzaade is a thoroughly enjoyable package. It is especially good to hear the early earthy sound of soundtracks like Dev D and Aamir again. It is more refined now but surely as kickass.