Gabbar Singh (Devi Sri Prasad)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Gabbar Singh is one of those formula soundtracks that can be split right down the middle – the beat/kuthu songs and the melodies. Devi Sri does enough in Kevvu Keka to get the masses going; This is no Munni but who cares. The lyricist in Devi Sri does a better job in Pilla than the composer. His amusing lyrics along with Vaddepalli Srinivas’ spirited singing make this is a fun listen. Dekho Dekho Gabbar Singh is egregious; this is Devi Sri pushing his luck too far. Kota’s Mandu Baabulam is entertaining. Akasam Ammayaithe is a finely crafted melody with a flowing chorus and soothing backgrounds; easily the best song of the lot. Dil Se is one of those breezy and innocuous numbers that isn’t bad enough to be diss or good enough to rave about.

Gabbar Singh milks the formula for all its worth. Could have been better.