Endukante Premanta (GV Prakash Kumar)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Nee Choopule is a wonderful start to the album. Prakash weaves a simple yet spellbinding tune and fills it with lithe, gorgeous orchestration. Haricharan, as always, seems to get the best songs and deservedly so. Hemachandra and Chinmayee prop up Egire Pove whose cheery tone more than makes up for its indifferent tune. Chill Out and Kicko Gicko are snazzily but unimaginatively put together numbers. Cindrella is better and has the typical GV Prakash-Karunakaran breezily romantic flavour going for it, although the disconnect between the lyrical content and the tune is slightly jarring. The minute long extended classical finale must have been cathartic for Prakash, whose penchance for tucking away an operatic interlude or two, in the lulls of songs, finally finds full favour.

In his third album for Karunakaran, GV Prakash manages to hit the same thematic consistency witnessed in the earlier works and it works for most of the time.