Andala Rakshasi (Radhan)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Andala Rakshasi has a refreshingly good soundtrack more so because it follows the ear numbing mass numbers of Rachcha, Dammu and Gabbar Singh. I liked Yemito and Ye Mantramo the most. The former is a dulcet melody that begins with a small dialogue reminiscent of Geetanjali. Everything is likeable about this song be it the start-stop, swinging rhythm or Haricharan’s superb singing. The writing is excellent. Ye Mantramo is terrific and has a riveting anthemic feel to it. Too bad it doesn’t last long. Radhan makes Manasa Marchipo unbearably downbeat. It is evocative nevertheless because of the whispery recitation style of singing set to minimal orchestration. Something similar happens in Manasu Palike although Radhan gives the tune more flesh and imbues it with melody. Ne Ninnu Chera and Vennante are playful, enjoyable numbers that will no doubt gain from good picturisation. The former especially takes time to get used to because of its lovely off kilter tune and Veena Ghantasala’s dreamy, girly rendition.

Radhan is a talent to watch out for. Andamaina soundtrack.