Julayi (Devi Sri Prasad)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

For a Trivikram movie, Julayi has a shockingly shoddy score. Also I was hoping this synergy would produce a more than passable soundtrack considering their last collaboration resulted in Jalsa, arguably Devi Sri’s last great score. There is absolutely no redemptive quality in this soundtrack except for the breezy harmonium bits in O Madhu; another mediocre DSP tune that even Adnan Sami can’t salvage. There is some promise in the title track too but Devi Sri’s same old hackneyed orchestration grates. The others are too bad to even comment about.

A well made DSP track can be wonderful but the average one – there are too many of them it seems – is characterised by humdrum, repetitive orchestration and exasperatingly bad singing. It doesn’t help that they are unnecessarily loud; even the supposed melodies. Such a disappointment this one.