Ishkq in Paris (Sajid Wajid)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

I am usually loath to write anything about Sajid Wajid’s work because, let’s face it, there is nothing much to write about. If Salman Khan’s movies are critic proof, so is Sajid Wajid’s music. If memory serves me right they even won an award for Dabanng. Talk about travesty. The only good song to have emerged from this duo’s efforts till date is Caravan from the ill fated Hello. But whenever they have dabbled in melody, they have come up with some interesting results. Jaane Bhi De from this album is one of those. The tune is middle of the road; hummable but lightweight. But the composers are ingenious enough to prop it up with that relentless strumming which gives the song its much needed flesh and character. Sonu Nigam is also a nice choice. The duo almost get it right with Rahat’s Saiyaan also; the inventive mukhda is a triumph but everything else is pretty much clichéd just like the rest of this album.