Music Review:New York(Pritam,Pankaj Awasthi & Julius Packiam)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

In a guitar strumming that wouldn’t have looked out of place in an Australian outback,the uber cool Hai Junoon is instantly captivating.What more, it is topped with  KK’s fluid vocals, that find resonance in Pritam’s trademark Oooooooooos and more Ooooooos.On a more serious note, the Blues styled pacing is eminently hummable and gratifying.Some of the overflowing enthusiasm percolates down into the upbeat Mere Sang.Peppered with Sunidhi’s dreamy vocals the chic feel of the song will make for more than a few listens.It also bucks the trend of Sunidhi’s high octane item numbers,offering a more mellow and sober aspect of her vocals.Mohit Chauhan drawls with characteristic ease, in the sublime Tune Jo Na Kaha.The tune is just about perfect,pausing at the right junctures for the heart-rending effect and seguing on into vividity.Pankaj Awasthi’s Aye Saaye Mere is good enough, assembling meticulously all the ingredients of a soulful ditty,but what it lacks is a universal appeal.A situational track.Theme tracks by Julius Packiam,the sombre Sam’s Theme and the more stygian New York Theme,create the necessary impact.

Pritam’s songs are like a throwback to his earlier Ankahee tracks,which had that arresting quality,not in terms of music but in terms of  simplicity and more so in augering the karaoke appeal.A decent album.

My Picks-Hai Junoon,Tune Jo Na Kaha

My Rating-Three Cheers!!!

PS:Really liked the lyrics of Tune Jo Na Kaha.Didn’t sink in,in the first few listens.